Art and Virtual Reality - General info
The Department of Fine Arts of the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), in cooperation with the “Département Arts et Technologies de l’Image”, “UFR Arts, philosophie, esthétique”, of the Université Paris 8, jointly organize the Postgraduate Studies Programme (GREEK/FRENCH Masters Course), entitled “Art, Virtual Reality & Multi-User systems of Artistic Expression“.
The main objective of this Greek-French Masters Program is to provide students with competence of a dual nature, artistic and technological, in the field of digital arts. It enables them to acquire the necessary know-how for the collaborative creation of artworks in multiuser virtual spaces in the Internet. In this framework, the students gain knowledge on the following fields: digital arts, virtual reality, digital games, multiuser virtual spaces, development of dynamic, real-time artistic content, 3D modeling based on behavioral programming, methods of artificial entities and digital sound.
This master program is the result of longtime and multi-level activities towards the definition of a suitable virtual space for artistic expression and education.
For the last seven years, the two main collaborating institutions (Athens School of Fine Arts and Paris-8 University) have been organizing international, interdisciplinary seminars (Erasmus IP Programmes and Summer Universities) with students and professors from several institutions, such as Tourcoing School of Fine Arts, UPV Valencia, Goldsmiths University, University of Hull. So far, these seminars have taken place in Delphi (Greece) and Paris (France). Indicatively, some of the outcomes of these seminars are the following:
A virtual international neighbourhood with houses from all over the world (InBetween project,
A conceptual, multidimensional space of hyperlinked 3D objects (Delphus 3.0 project –, Delphi, Greece, July 2009 and July 2010)
A collaborative, virtual authoring space, based on building blocks (MySquare project, Paris, July 2008)
A collaborative virtual space of interacting artworks (Delphous project, Delphi, Greece July 2006)
This research work has also resulted in the following publications:
Social media as art and vs. art, Manthos Santorineos, Stavroula Zoi, to be presented to the 17th International Festival of New media, Electronic and Digital Arts (ISEA2011), 14-21 September 2011, Istanbul, Turkey
The Hybrid City Symposium, The experience of the “in-between”: presentation of the InBetween project (1999 – 2011), Manthos Santorineos, Stavroula Zoi, Nefeli Dimitriadi, 4-5 March 2011, Athens, University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,
The 5th Annual Edition of INTED2011 (International Technology, Education and Development Conference, A proposal for a digital art laboratory that meets contemporary educational and experimentation needs, Manthos Santorineos, Stavroula Zoi, 7-9th March, 2011, Valencia, Spain
The Sixth International Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization & Imaging, Computational Aesthetics 2010, The In-Between Virtual Neighborhood and the Cellutopia Engine, Nefeli Dimitriadi, Stavroula Zoi, 14–15 June 2010, London, UK
7th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Towards Defining a Suitable Environment for Teaching Digital Arts – The Delphous Experiment, Manthos Santorineos, Stavroula Zoi, Nefeli Dimitriadi, Chu-Yin Chen, July 18-20, 2007, Niigata, Japan
Candidates for the Greek-French Masters Program should hold an academic degree from a Greek Higher Education Department in Arts or Informatics or an equivalent degree from foreign Institutions recognized by the Hellenic NARIC, with emphasis on the fields of the new image-processing technologies and multimedia.Candidates must also speak French or English fluently, the languages of the courses.
The selection of the candidates will be done by an evaluation committee setup by both institutions, on the basis of a dossier which will include: a) a CV of the candidate, b) a one-page letter describing the field of the candidate’s primary interest for research within his or her studies and stating the reasons the candidate wishes to attend the Master., and c) a portfolio of selected artworks of the candidate (in digital format, e.g. DVD), including audiovisual artworks: (2d or 3d animation, stop motion film, video art), net art/web art, documents in video, photographs and explanatory text describing interactive artworks or installations that can’t be included in the digital portfolio, etc.
Note 1: For Internet artworks or artwork documentations on the web (e.g. youtube, myspace) the candidate can include the relevant urls.
Note 2: If the applicant considers necessary he/she may also include explanatory texts (artistic and/or technological) describing the artworks.
Any text should be in French or English language.
The digital dossier must be submitted to both educational Institutes.
Students who have not completed their studies but are in the final year of study may apply for the Master. In this case, they must submit a declaration by their Institution certifying that the candidate is in the last year of study and in the preparation of his/her thesis. In case of acceptance, registration will be completed only if they submit their degree / diploma.
Candidates are invited to apply to only one of the two Institutions, while the dossier described above should be submitted to both Institutions. The applications should include the following:
1. Application form (can be downloaded from
2. Digital Dossier (described above)
3. Certified copy of the degree (Graduates of foreign universities applying in Greece should also provide recognition by the Hellenic NARIC..
4. CV of the candidate (included also in the digital dossier)
5. Certification (if any) of efficiency in foreign language
6. Certification (if any) of efficiency in computer knowledge (especially in software for image, video,3D processing, programming laguanges etc.)
This program leads to a Masters Degree which is awarded by both institutions (each of the two institutions involved will award a different diploma) which is recognized both in France and Greece.
Organization of studies
Attendance includes one year of studies in Athens and one year Paris.
The completion of studies includes a) a mandatory stage project at the end of each semester and b) a joint project between students of both institutions to be held over the Internet.
The courses are taught in Greek, French or English language.
Tuition fees are not required. Students have to register, every year, at both institutions. French Institutions include a small registration fee.
For more information see the web site of this program
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