Population, Development, Foresight (PODEPRO) - General info
Any approach to the strategic perspectives, the economic growth, spatial planning, social policy or even to management presupposes basic knowledge of population dynamics (and therefore efficiency in demographic analysis) and utilization of this knowledge in special application fields. Thus, the Program aims at providing this basic knowledge and the required skills as well as their amplification by giving emphasis to the techniques of spatial analysis on the one hand, and to the strategic perspectives on the other. The provided by the Program specialized knowledge in demographic analysis, economic growth and integration, spatial analysis, methodology of observation of demographic, geographic, economic and social phenomena, and in strategic perspectives make this specialization unique both in Greece and France.
This Master Program aims at training and providing specialized administrators who will participate in the decision making by politicians, developers and managers. In addition, it offers vocational opportunities in:
European and international organizations (C.E., European Parliament, United Nations).
European Institutions, public Institutions, professional associations, local authority bodies.
Consulting offices, and generally all organizations that employ data collection and analysis methods in social sciences, make previsions and/or develop scenarios for strategic perspectives.
Study Program Syllabus
The study program extends over two academic semesters and is organized on four modules (Demography, Development, Analysis methods and techniques, Strategic perspectives). The first semester courses take place in Bordeaux and the second semester ones in Volos. The number of places for this Master program is 30 maximum for each academic year. Attendance is obligatory -255 teaching hours (+25% in practice and seminars) and students must accumulate 60 ECTS in order to be awarded the degree. At the end of the second semester, it is obligatory that students have a three-month practice followed by the development and writing up of a dissertation, presented in front of a joint Greek - French examining board.
Application Prerequisites
In order to apply you must be a graduate of a higher education department. Applicants are admitted on the basis of their under-graduate grades, professional competence, scientific research and recommendation letters. Applications can be submitted either to the University of Thessaly or to the University of Bordeaux. Upon registration in one of the two universities, the candidate, on the basis of the bilateral agreement, acquires the student status in both Institutions.
Teaching language
Provided that the teaching language is French, a good knowledge of it is indispensable. However, good knowledge of the English language, being essential for their vocational opportunities, is necessary as some classes which take place in the University of Thessaly during the second semester are in English.
Accredited Degrees
The degree awarded, written in both the Greek and French language is jointly awarded by both cooperating Institutions, the names of which appear on the degree certificate. Graduates of PODEPRO have the right to apply for a Ph.D. either in Greece or in France under co-supervision, provided they fulfill all expectations applied to each country law.
Students who register in the University of Thessaly are offered 10 ERASMUS study bursaries in all. Respectively, the same applies to the students who register in the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV. Candidates for the bursaries can be those students who are citizens of one of the 27 E.U. countries as well as of the countries applying for accession to the E.U. The burses cover fares to Bordeaux or Volos, for the course attendance, and student accommodation in both cities. Study bursaries are also provided, in Greece and in other countries, by many international organizations and institutions, to students who wish to go on with post-graduate studies in their country or abroad. Students registered in one of the two Universities in order to attend PODEPRO, are candidates for bursaries offered by them.
Tuition fees
The students who have been accepted to follow the Master PODEPRO and have been registered to the University of Thessaly do not pay tuition fees.
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