Specialized Public Law - General info
The Program aims at providing students with in-depth knowledge and training them in specialized topics in Public Law, so as to ensure their specialization and participation in the cultivation and development of fundamental scientific research as well as in the formation and adaptation to scientific thought. It addresses to Law School graduates (candidate judges, judges, lawyers, civil servants, etc.) aiming at their deepening their knowledge in public law fields. Under the direction of a Greek-French network of legists specialized in Public Law - both in administrative and constitutional and European Law - as they interact and complete each other. The Program also aims at, on a long-term basis, the creation of a network for European publicists which will remain active with the participation of its future graduates.
Study Program Syllabus
The study program extends over two academic semesters. Courses take place both in Athens and Bordeaux. Attendance is obligatory. In Bordeaux, students have intensive courses in the month of March every academic year. The program is organized on four modules, out of which two are compulsory on an annual basis and two optional for each semester. The compulsory modules are: National Public Law, European Public Law. Courses run by the academic staff of the cooperating Departments of both universities, also include seminars and case studies. In order to qualify for the Degree award, students must successfully pass the written examinations in all taught modules, write a dissertation and support it in front of a board of examiners assigned for this purpose, and participate successfully in an oral examination on a subject upon draw. The awarded Degree is a joint one, from both the cooperating universities.
Application Prerequisites
In order to apply you must be a graduate of a Law School Department of a Greek university or of a corresponding Department of a foreign university of the same status. Applications are submitted to both the University of Thessaly and to the University of Bordeaux. The number of places for this Master program is 20 maximum for each academic year. Admittance is based on the evaluation of the students' records, which they submit to the Secretariat of the Master Program in September according to a special announcement-invitation put outside the offices of the Department as well as in other places of law activity and is published on time in daily press. A prerequisite for the admittance is the proof of sufficient knowledge of the French language.
There are no fees for this Master Program. However, students have to pay fares and accommodation costs. For this reason, each one of the two universities tries to find ways, as far as possible, to facilitate students in their moving to the other country, in their accommodation and in their access to other university services.
Teaching language
All modules are taught for four hours a week, half in Greek half in French. The dissertation has to be written in the language that will not be used in the oral examination of a subject upon draw.
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